Standard measurement of the normal forelimb claw dimensions in Egyptian buffalo cows (Bubalus Bubalis) before and after functional trimming: a post-mortem study


Claw length
Claw trimming
Heel bulb
Buffalo cow

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Bonelli, F., Rizk, A., Nocera, I., Turini, L., Ghazy, A., Elmesiry, A., & Atiba, A. (2021). Standard measurement of the normal forelimb claw dimensions in Egyptian buffalo cows (Bubalus Bubalis) before and after functional trimming: a post-mortem study. Veterinaria Italiana, 57(4), 335–340. https://doi.org/10.12834/VetIt.2172.13765.1


The aim of this study was to compare forelimb claw dimensions in buffalo cows, and to establish a reference values for functional claw trimming. Medial and lateral healthy front feet claws were evaluated from 20 young (YB) and 20 mature (MB) Egyptian buffalo cows (Bubalus bubalis). The dorsal wall length (TL), dorsal wall angle (TA), heel length (HBL), height (HBH) and width (HBW), sole (SL) and claw length (CL) and sole width (SW) were measured. Differences between YB and MB were evaluated using ANOVA test, while those between the lateral and medial claws with a paired t test. Before and after trimming, the HBL, HBW, HBH, SL and CL were significantly higher for both claws in MB, while the TA was significantly lower. Before trimming the lateral HBW and HBH were significantly higher than the medial, while the SL and CL of the medial claw were significantly higher than the lateral claw. After trimming, the lateral claw HBL was significantly higher in MB. The SW of the lateral claw was significantly higher than the medial claw in both YB and MB, and it did not change after trimming. These results can be considered as a guidance during front feet trimming in buffaloes.



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