Intracranial squamous cell carcinoma in an Ovis aries
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Ovis aries
Squamous cell carcinoma

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Lazzara, F., Giorda, F., Varello, K., Mandara, M. T., Zoppi, S., Goria, M., Monnier, M., Avanzato, T., Casalone, C., & Iulini, B. (2020). Intracranial squamous cell carcinoma in an Ovis aries. Veterinaria Italiana, 56(2). https://doi.org/10.12834/VetIt.1911.10405.2


Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is a malignant mucoepithelial tumor that affects pets and farm animals. Common sites are dorsal areas and/or areas of poor skin pigmentation exposed to mutagenic ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Novel ovine papillomavirus (OaPV3) was recently described in SCC lesions in Sardinia breed ovines. In 2017, a 7‑year‑old half‑breed aries was presented with symptoms compatible with a vestibular syndrome. The animal was euthanized 1 month after the onset of clinical signs due to a lack of response to treatment and poor prognosis. A complete postmortem examination was performed. Necropsy revealed only a loss of incisors, associated with alveolar necrotic osteomyelitis, and left unilateral purulent nasal discharge. No other thoracic or abdominal lesions were observed. Opening of the skull revealed a cauliflower‑like space‑occupying mass. Histological examination showed trabecules and islands of squamous, neoplastic epithelial cells with the formation of concentric keratin layers. This raised the suspicion of SCC, which was confirmed with cytokeratin‑positive immunostaining. Simplex PCR on the frozen tissue mass was negative for OaPV1, OaPV2, and OaPV3. This case report suggests that SCC, although rare, should be included in the differential diagnosis of cases of vestibular disorder.

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